Best Electric Scooters For College Students – Campus Riding in 2024

As a college student, you have a full schedule—lectures to attend, homework that needs to be done, and parties you just cannot miss. However, sometimes, the 24 hours we all get in a day just aren’t quite enough.

To carve out more time for both schoolwork and the fun stuff, you’re now opting for an electric scooter. That way you can effortlessly zoom between classes, make a stylish entrance at those epic gatherings where life-long bonds are forged, and even go grab some groceries for those usually-not-so-luxurious dorm room dinners.

In order to help you find that perfect campus ride for your college adventures, we’ve tested 15 different electric scooters models in the category. And behold, we’ve curated a list of the absolute top of the cream models that perfectly fit the needs of a college student, no matter what budget you’re on.

Quick Run-Down of Top Campus Electric Scooters

Segway Max G30LP Budget

Shorter Commutes – Affordable – Reliable Brand

Segway E2 Plus Budget

Shorter Commutes – Affordable – Reliable Brand

TurboAnt x7 Max Mid-tier

Performance – Swappable BatteryGood Range
$449.98$599.98 Buy this item

Niu KQi3 Max mid-tier

Performance – Build Quality – Good range

Fluid Mosquito Premium

High-Performance – High-Quality – Ultra Lightweight
$899.00$1,099.00 Buy this item

NIU Air Premium

Ultra Lightweight – High-Quality – Purpose Design

Benefits to Navigating College Life on Two Wheels

Getting around campus can be tedious at times, some days you may feel like you spend more time running around it than you’re actually investing in your education and future. We can’t have that can we?

Here are a few of the benefits you as a college student can enjoy by having a electric scooter as your campus travel companion:

  • Ease of use
  • Time saver
  • Low-maintenance
  • Low mileage cost
  • Cheap investment
  • FUN!

Reviews: Best Electric Scooters for Getting Around on Campus

Best Performance Per Dollar

Model:TurboAnt x7 PRO
Tested Speed19.1 mph / 30.7 kmh
Tested Range17.6 miles / 28.3 km
Weight33 lbs / 15.0 kg
Load275 lbs / 125 kg
Motor Power350W
  • Theft deterring
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Extra battery option
  • Lightweight
  • Great mileage per $
  • Fits taller riders
  • Front heavy
  • Ineffective headlight for night riding

The TurboAnt x7 Max is a very affordable yet powerful scooter that delivers a bang for your bucks. With a good top speed of 19.1 mph and a maximum tested range of 17.6 miles per battery. Yes, you heard it right, per battery. The fantastic thing about the X7 Max is that just like its predecessor it comes with a swappable battery. This is a clear favorite feature among the TurboAnt riders, as you can, with no additional weight or bulkiness double its range capabilities. 

The battery is mounted on the stem for easy access and you just press a button to unlatch it, push in a new fresh spare, and off you go. The scooter comes in at 33 lbs which is a very acceptable range for a scooter of this caliber and although it’s not a huge machine it can still handle a load of up to 275 lbs. That should be enough to cover most students’ book-filled backpacks.

In terms of riding power, its 350W motor does not deliver any hold-on to your handle speeds, but in our tests we were able to achieve a modest acceleration of 7.4s up to 15.5 mph. This makes it easy to use and you don’t have to risk it zipping off with just a slight touch on the throttle. 

On the negative side the TurboAnt x7 Max is that due to its stem mounted battery in combination with its front-mounted hub motor it does become a little front-heavy. Some people have also reported that due to the position of the battery carrying it via the stem is different from other scooters, which we can confirm, but it wasn’t any more uncomfortable.

When it comes to stopping the x7 Max boasts both the standard motor regenerative brake as well as a rear disc brake which provide a smooth braking experience while still giving you enough power for any emergency brake situation.

Strengths as a campus ride

The main feature that puts the x7 Max high on our list for college commuters is of course its detachable battery. But it has more things going for it like its low weight, sleek style and folding, and good top speed.

ModelKQi3 Max
Tested Speed22.1 mph / 35.5 kmh
Tested Range24.2 miles / 39 km
Weight46.3 lbs / 21.0 kg
Load265 lbs / 120 kg
Motor Power450W
  • Award winning design
  • Spacious
  • Rear footrest
  • Good speed
  • Exceptional braking
  • Strong motor
  • On the heavy side for portability
  • Low ground clearance
  • Tail light doesn’t flash while braking

At a slightly higher price point the NIU KQi3 Max comes in with a higher top speed, better range out of the box and more robust build than the X7 Max.

With a 48V 608Wh battery and a 450W rear-mounted hub motor it produced a top speed during our test of 22.1 mph and we were able to clock a 24.2 miles of range. It is clearly a very strong single motor scooter that had no problem at all tackling steeper hills and the pad provides ample foot space.

With the great foot space and above industry standard wide handlebars the scooter fits riders of all sizes. When you want to come to a halt you have a dual disc brake system and a rear motor brake at your disposal which together gives you more than enough stopping power.

The scooter comes with 9.5” pneumatic self-healing tires, which is 0.5” smaller than most of its competitors. This gives the KQi3 Max slightly less ground clearance, but other than that, nothing noticeable in its riding performance. 

It comes equipped with all the necessities for safe riding like a great display and easy to use mobile app, a bright headlight, reflexes, and a brake light.

When it comes to its drawbacks, the KQi3 Max with all its power and glory like a large motor, dual braking setup, and sturdy well-built frame, does have some weight to it. The scooter weighs in at 46.3 lbs which is what we’d call the upper limit of a portable electric scooter. Nothing you’d be wanting to carry around a lot, but still portable enough to get up a couple of stairs in the dorm.

Strengths as a campus ride

A perfect scooter that fits all the needs of a college campus commuter, as long as you aren’t hampered by its slightly higher weight. It delivers great power and a very sturdy structure so hanging a bag of books on the handlebar won’t cause it to feel wobbly. It is a joy to ride and have enough power to tackle hilly areas where a scooter with a smaller motor may not excel.

If you have the extra bucks you will definitely find that the KQi3 Max has everything you need and more, it’s not just a scooter that’ll take you from A to B, it does so fast and with a stylish design that matches the scooter’s performance.

Scooter that Won’t Break the Bank

Model:Segway Max G30LP
Tested Speed18 mph / 29 kmh
Tested Range13.4 miles / 21.5 km
Weight38.6 lbs / 17.5 kg
Load220 lbs / 100 kg
Motor Power350W
  • Built-in converter
  • Durable
  • Reliable brand
  • Good Balanced performance
  • Self-sealing tires
  • Reliable braking
  • Lower performance per dollar
  • Shorter range

A budget-friendly version of Segway’s best-seller the G30 Max that shares its award-winning design but has had its performance optimized for a lower weight and price tag.

The Segway Max G30LP comes with a 36V 367Wh battery that propels a 350W rear mounted motor. This provided us a tested 18 mph top speed and we were able to achieve a real-life range of 13.4 miles before it gave out. The model was designed to provide the great Segway riding and quality experience but at a cheaper price point and at a lower weight of 38.6 lbs.

It has all the flag-ship features like the easily navigated mobile app, head and brake light, and last but not least the built-in converter. The last named feature of having the converter built into the scooter lets you easily charge it with just a power cord. No need to lug around the long cable with the bulky converter attached to it, you just pull out that slim power cord from your pocket and start charging.

The 10” pneumatic tires come filled with Segway’s patented self-sealing slime coat that makes the tires self-repair any future punctures so that you won’t have to roll it by your side and be late for class.

It folds down just as neatly as the original G30 Max and can be easily stowed away in any tight storage.

The scooter has fantastic braking capabilities thanks to its combination of a front drum brake and a rear motor brake. This gives you a steady smooth braking pattern and drum brakes are a formidable option for wet surfaces where a disc brake may lose a lot of its friction power.

The Segway Max G30LP, although it is affordable for a Segway scooter, is slightly higher priced than its competitors with the same performance. But it’s well earned as they’ve worked hard to build a brand that is associated with quality and longevity.

Strengths as a college commuter

You get the strength, durability, and all the great features of a Segway scooter at a fraction of the price. The G30LP excels as a college commuter mainly for its lower weight and affordable price tag. It fits perfectly for anyone looking for a portable and budget friendly scooter, but don’t want to compromise on the quality. 

Should something eventually break as things do no matter what price you pay, there are a ton of cheap 3rd party parts for the handy self-helper to quickly get their scooter back in tip-top shape.

Tested Speed15.3 mph / 24.6 kmh
Tested Range9.8 miles / 15.8 km
Weight31.3 lbs / 14.2 kg
Load198 lbs / 90 kg
Motor Power300W
  • Fantastic quality
  • Brand reliability
  • Good value
  • Ambient light
  • Large non-glare display
  • Lightweight
  • Doesn’t fair well on hills
  • Bumpy on badly paved roads

With a sleek and noticeably lightweight design the E2 plus is a campus favorite for those buying on a budget. You get the Segway quality in all its parts and a good warranty but at an even lower price than the more robustly built Max G30LP mentioned above.

The scooter is portable and eye-catching, weighing in at just 31.3 lbs it has a 36V 220Wh battery that powers the 300W front mounted motor. During our test we clocked it at a top speed of 15.3 mph, which is definitely enough for riding on campus grounds. In terms of expected mileage we got a good 9.8 miles out of the tiny battery in a real-life setting. Quite impressive for such a small piece of scooter.

The display is wide and easy to read and the scooter comes equipped with a good head and rear brake light, but it does lack the turn signals that can be found on newer models including its bigger brother, the E2 Pro. But instead you get the underneath mounted ambient lights that will definitely make you stand out during late night riding.

Tire wise, you get 8.1” solid tires with a special honeycomb design for increased shock-absorption. They fare well on well-maintained terrain, but nothing we recommend if you’re going to be riding on more rugged paths. However, they come with the perk of being completely maintenance free.

When you need to come to a stop, you have a rear drum brake that works excellent no matter what weather you’re riding in, in combination with the industry standard motor brake.

The scooter is built for simplicity and affordability so you’re going to get a very well-balanced scooter when it comes to both portability and performance. With its lightweight yet durable body you can easily pick it up and carry it with you wherever you need to go. One of the many reasons that makes it a great campus scooter, especially if you value portability over capability to handle longer distances, or higher speeds.

Strengths as a college commuter

The Segway E2 plus delivers an impeccable riding experience for those who may not need a lot of range per charge, or have the ability to charge in-between stops. It is one of the lightest electric scooters from Segway and definitely the most bang for your buck model you can get if portability is your main concern.

They’ve been able to create a really well-balanced all-round scooter that perfectly hits the sweet spot between price and performance for someone looking to effortlessly zip around campus.

Lightweight zip-arounds

ModelFluid Mosquito
Tested Speed27.4 mph / 44.0 kmh
Tested Range17.1 miles / 27.5 km
Weight29 lbs / 13.1 kg
Load265 lbs / 120 kg
Motor Power500W
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Powerful
  • Fast
  • Height adjustable handlebar
  • Easy to use
  • 8” solid tires
  • Narrow deck
  • Bad display visibility due glare

The mic drop moment scooter for anyone looking for an ultra portable lightweight electric scooter to heighten their college campus experience. The Mosquito from FluidFree Rides has a ton of power, yet weighs only a mere 29 lbs. 

The battery is on par with the TurboAnt X7 Pro’s 360Wh but packs a higher voltage of 48V. This paired with a strong 500W hub motor hiding in its 8” solid front tire gave the scooter an impressive test result of 27.4 mph in terms of top speed, and a solid 17.1 miles of distance per charge. Nothing short of remarkable for a scooter of this size.

As stated the scooter has solid 8” tires which ought to make it quite the bumpy ride, but luckily Fluid made sure the scooter also comes equipped with front and rear shocks to take the edge of any bumps. Truth be told they do a good job, but we would not recommend it for continuous riding on rough surfaces. No, the Mosquito shines the brightest on nicely paved ways during city riding.

It is one of the fastest accelerating scooters on our campus list achieving our 15.5 mph acceleration test in 5 seconds flat. In comparison that’s just 0.3s shy of the Niu KQi3 Max’s 4.7s.

One thing the Mosquito has going for it that none of the rest on our list have is its height adjustable handlebar. This lets you really personalize your riding posture to fit you.

The scooter comes with both a head and tailight, and a very basic display with buttons. On the negative side the display was glaring a bit too much for our taste in bright sunlight and due to its small portable size, the deck isn’t among the most spacious ones we’re ridden.

Strengths as a campus commuter

The biggest things the Mosquito has going for it is definitely its portability. You’ll be able to store it away anywhere, under the bed or even in a decently sized locker. Carrying it around is super simple and if you buy a strap for it you can pretty much take it with you anywhere.

If you are looking for a quality campus ride, and can spend a few extra bucks to get something speedy yet super portable. Then the Fluid Mosquito is an excellent choice for your future campus endeavors.

Model:NIU Air
Tested Speed19.8 mph / 31.9 kmh
Tested Range20 miles / 32.1 km
Weight26.2 lbs / 11.9 kg
Load264 lbs / 120 kg
Motor Power350W
  • Ultra portable
  • Grade A-quality Build
  • Lightweight
  • Sleek & stylish design
  • Carbon fiber
  • On the expensive side

The Niu Air is the latest addition to the Niu-line of electric scooters and in the air series they’ve focused on lightweight and portability. Very successfully I might add.

The Air doesn’t just have one of the best exterior designs, every detail has been well thought through and it shows. In order to achieve as lightweight of a body as possible the frame has been made out of high quality carbon fiber, giving it an incredibly low weight of only 26.2 lbs. 

Despite its lightweight design, they’ve still been able to fit an impressive 350W motor that peaks at 700W. This gave us a top speed of 19.8 mph during our test ride and we were able to go 20 miles flat on a single charge.

The scooter is equipped with wide 9.5” pneumatic tires that provide ample shock reduction while riding and amazing grip on any surface. It has a bright, easy to read display, a unique(for a commuter scooter) twist-grip throttle, front and tail-light as well as multiple turn signals making you the safest rider on campus. 

The Air also features an NFC lock key which can be used to lock and unlock the scooter, adding some extra security to your new college companion.

It has ample braking power thanks to its large front mounted disc brake and rear regenerative motor brake. However, the quality materials and enhanced riding experience you get with the Niu Air does come at a slightly higher price tag than the Mosquito.

Strengths as a campus commuter

There is no lighter electric scooter on the market that can beat the performance of the Niu Air. It was built with portability in mind and it truly excels at all aspects from folding, to carrying and storing it away in tight spaces.

If you’re going to invest in an electric scooter for future commuting endeavors, the Air will stick with you for a long time as the quality is almost incomparable to similar scooters. 

Rent & Ride Option

Model:Unagi Voyager One
Tested Speed19.4 mph / 31.2 kmh
Tested Range19.8 miles / 31.9 km
Weight29.6 lbs / 13.3 kg
Load220 lbs / 100 kg
Motor Power2x250W
  • Maintenance free
  • Insured
  • Good rental plans
  • Good performance
  • Easy to ride and use
  • Bumpy riding rough terrain
  • Costly if long-term
  • Small tires

The Unagi Voyager is a neat 29.6 lbs unique piece of machinery that comes delivered in a very stylish design. The scooter is famously rent-only and you can sign up for a monthly plan(starting at $59) with Unagi where you get the scooter and everything you need to keep both you and the scooter safe.

The Voyager One delivers a great top speed of 19.4 mph, and a maximum expected range of almost 20 miles during normal riding conditions. It is equipped with a 36V 360Wh battery that powers the dual 250W motor setup which gives it a top peak power of 1000W. This is more than enough power to tackle any hills and get riders up to speed fast.

The scooter has 7.5” honeycomb tires that does a decent job at reducing bumps in a city setting, but if you’re riding any rougher roads be prepared to be disappointed.

It has a great lighting setup consisting of a bright headlight and a tail light, the display is bright and very neatly designed.

If you’re looking for a renting option the Unagi will not disappoint. We don’t recommend it if you’re going to use it extensively as you’d be better off making that initial upfront investment. But for trying how an electric scooter would work for your campus commute or for shorter periods of time it’s a great option to have.

The negatives with the Unagi Voyager One is that it doesn’t have any stand-alone braking system. Apart from a simple friction brake, it relies solely on the two motors to bring you to a full stop. They do a great job at it, and especially in combination with the rear foot brake, but we always prefer it when you have a purpose built braking system that doesn’t rely on anything but itself.

Strengths as a campus commuter

The main reason why people opt for the Unagi Voyager is because of its simplicity. You sign up for a plan, the scooter is shipped to you and you use it until you don’t need it anymore. If something breaks you get it serviced quickly and you don’t have to worry about it at all.

It works great for campuses due to its size, weight and user friendliness.

Great Accessories to Enhance Your Campus Ride

Sure, all the scooters on our list are great out of the bag and they serve the purpose of getting you around campus with ease. But there is always room for improvements depending on what else you’re going to be using your scooter for. 

Here’s a few key accessories that can really transform an ordinary electric scooter into the ultimate college commuting experience.

Locking – Quite self-explanatory, but yet so important. A great locking mechanism will make sure your newly acquired scooter stays put when you’re busy in class, and doesn’t find its way into the wrong person’s hands.

Hangers – Yes, you’re going to have bags with heavy books in it, perhaps even a computer bag, or when you go for those luxurious dinner runs we talked about you gonna want to hang those grocery bags filled with noodles in a safe centered spot. A good hanger with a latch will not only help keep your bags in place, it’ll make sure your stuff is well centered and make the ride less wobbly.

Extra lighting – When you’ve been at a friend’s place “studying” late you’re going to want to make sure that you can see where you’re going when you’re on your way home. And that others can see where you’re going too. A bright headlight makes a big difference during those really dark autumn and winter nights!

Phone holder – Many new electric scooters come with apps and other such things that lets you monitor a lot of its performance on your phone. And let’s be completely honest here, your phone is a lot of times probably twice or more the price of an electric scooter. So buying  a quality phone holder is going to be a worthwhile investment. Take it from someone who’s dropped his more than once when testing out different phone holder attachments.

When it comes to campus regulations there is no one size fits all. Here you’re going to have to refer to your local campus for the regulations they have put into place when it comes to the usage of electric scooters on their campus ground. Some may have even straight out banned the usage of them, so make sure you check that up before you invest in an electric scooter.

But what we can say is for you to ride responsibly. I have been advising my own local government on regulations for electric scooters and their main concern is that people are not showing each other respect by adjusting their speed and riding style according to their surroundings. This is the main reason governments and campuses have regulations put in place because teens, young adults, hey, even grown ups cannot ride in a manner that respects other pedestrians.

So be vigilant of your surroundings, adjust your riding accordingly, and park responsibly and you’ll not only not get into trouble, we may also see more favorable regulations going forward.

Final words

You’re now equipped with everything you need to know to make an educated decision on what is a good electric scooter for your campus commute.  Now you can save time on your commute and put it into your education and future.

Remember to ride respectfully and to take care of your scooter and it’ll last until you’re done with school and on your way to your first job!

FAQ – Scooting On Campus

Are Electric scooters allowed on campus?

The rules for electric scooter usage on campus grounds vary. Some campuses allow them while others have an outright ban on their usage throughout the campus.

Common regulations to electric scooter usage on campus?

Even if regulations vary here are some common regulations to electric scooter usage on campus grounds. Speed limit, parking, free-zones, helmet, and riding under influence are just a few common regulations seen throughout American campuses.

Recommended campus regulations for electric scooters?

If you’re an administrator at a campus we recommend you reading up on the united educators recommendations for campus regulations. Outright bans are not necessary.