Segway Ninebot P100S Review – Smooth Exclusive Commuting

We’ve had the fortune to test the Segway Ninebot P100S for quite some time now. In this review we’ll let you know what we as real riders liked, what we disliked, along with what you can expect in terms of performance under real life riding circumstances.

The P100S is the more powerful and robust model in Segway’s P-series, it outperforms its little brother the P65 on all levels. Not very surprising when you look at the difference in size. This model comes with a battery twice the size, packs an extra 150W of power(650W nominal), and has an overall more rigidness to it. Combine that with its dual suspension and far greater breaking power and you get the high-level commuter scooter P100S.

Is this sturdy piece of quality machinery worth its weight in gold?

Well we think so and in our review we’ll go through why.

Clear view of the Segway Ninebot P100 from the side
Segway Ninebot P100S

Real-life Test Data

ModelSegway Ninebot P100S
Tested Speed30.1 mph / 48.4 kmh
Tested Range32.9 miles / 52.9 km
Weight72.5 lbs / 32.9 kg
Load265 lbs / 120 kg
Motor Power650W(1300W)
  • Wide footpad
  • Excellent ride quality
  • Great stability
  • Suspension
  • Large grippy tires
  • NFC lock/alarm
  • Large display
  • Great performance
  • Heavy
  • Higher priced

The In-depth Detailed Review: Segway Ninebot P100S

Motor Power and Speed

Segway Ninebot P100S hub wheel motor of 650W seen in the grass

The P100S comes with a rear-mounted 650W motor that peaks out at about 1300W. Enough power for our 165 lbs test rider to hit a top speed just above Segway’s advertised 30 mph, at 30.1 mph. The scooter delivers a good, yet not groundbreaking acceleration. Rapid enough to give you a thrilling ride experience but smooth enough so that even a beginner can feel comfortable riding it.

In our acceleration test we benched the Segway Ninebot P100S to reach a speed of 15.5 mph within 2.81 seconds, in comparison to the P65’s 3.24 seconds. Its hill climbing abilities are really good for a single motor electric scooter and it is definitely on par with what you would expect from a high-level commuter scooter.

Battery and Range

When it comes to range, we tested the P100S on our usual course set in the real world and not on a testing track. The large 48V 1086Wh battery pack situated in that large box under its footpad was able to propel our rider around the course for a good 32.9 miles before the battery finally gave up. A very noteworthy distance for a scooter in this price category. 

Another thing we really love about the P-series is the built-in charger that enables you to only bring a power cord. This small, but not less amazing feature makes it so much easier for riders to top up their charge on the go.

Apart from all this you get Segway’s reliable BMS system that protects your battery from everything from overheating, to shorts, and faulty charging. The battery is well encapsulated underneath the footpad making it less prone to weather giving the scooter a solid IPX5 water resistance rating.

Braking System

Front suspension and mechanical brake of the Segway p100S close-up

Equipped with both a front and rear mechanical disc brake the Segway Ninebot P100S handles braking very well and if you’re not quite happy with the braking power you get, tensioning it won’t take you more than a minute.

The initial settings are a bit smoother than I personally prefer, but I get that they’ve set it a bit looser for novice riders and as stated it’s a very simple thing to fix. 

They’ve opted for mechanical brakes with wiring instead of the more exclusive hydraulic model, but with thick brake pads and a well ventilated rotor the mechanical brakes on the P100S are among the best I’ve tested to date. The scooter was able to come to a full halt from 15.5 mph in 3.23 ft, and 32.1 ft from 25 mph. These numbers are prior to us making any adjustments to the brakes whatsoever.

The rear footstand makes for a great braking posture increasing the overall safety of the rider when having to utilize the scooter’s full braking power during an emergency brake. It is without a doubt one of the best braking performances we’ve had with a mechanical brake and it beats a lot of similarly priced models with the same setup. 

Ride Quality and Experience

The rock solid welding and design of the Segway Ninebot P100S makes it stand out from the crowd. It seeps with thickness and durability in everything from its rubbery details like the handlebars and grip on the footpads, to the robustness of the battery enclosure. It is a machine built to withstand the test of time and give you a solid, smooth ride experience on a daily basis.

The suspension system does a great job at evening out larger bumps making you feel very secure while riding the P100S, combined with knowing you have a ton of braking power to come to a quick stop should you ever need to.

It handles itself really well on various surfaces and the large 10.5” pneumatic tires gives you a good grip even during wet road conditions, as well as adding a little extra oomph to its handling of bumps.

The new display is large and easy to read even in the sunniest of weather conditions, and we really love the NFC lock. Does it make it fully theft proof, no of course not. But it is some added deterrent, and you should always lock your scooter nonetheless.

A solid scooter that is easy to maintain and will be your best commuting companion for years to come.

Segway Ninebot P100S Features

Folding and Portability

The Segway p100S fully unfolded on the grass

The P100S with its 72.5 lbs is not your most friendly portable electric scooter, and you will have to make some extra space for it in comparison to a lighter more basic commuter scooter. But even though it might be a bit on the heavy side, the folding mechanic does squeeze it down to a good-enough size where you can lift it up a few stairs, or into a trunk, without breaking your back in the process. It does require some muscles to work with it though.

The folding latches on to its rear footrest which makes for a very solid folded structure where it doesn’t feel shaky/wobbly when you work with it. Fully unfolded there are some extra security mechanical latches in place to make sure it cannot shake loose. The scooter stem feels very stable for a single stem scooter and there is no noise or wobble coming from it as you ride even on rougher terrain.

One thing that speaks for its portability is the built-in charger that Segway uses on most of their newer models these days. This means you only have to bring the power cord with you if you want to charge at the office, or school before going on the commute back home.


The P100S comes with large 10.5” pneumatic tires that have Segway’s self-sealing coat inside them to make sure you don’t get stranded with a flat. They have a great width, with a solid track that makes it handle slick roads like a breeze while also having excellent traction on dirt tracks and even wet surfaces.


Segway has from the P-series and onwards been very keen on adding turning lights to their models. Something we at ARJ have been outspoken about for many years as it adds that extra level of security not only for yourself as a rider on a fast metal frame with two wheels, but for your fellow trafficants too.

On top of this you have a well lit headlights that gives good enough light for nighttime riding, although for those of you who’ll be riding it in places like me where nighttime comes at 2pm in the winter, I would suggest an add-on headlight.

The P100S also comes with the standard tail/brake light that lights up as you press the brake lever. 


NFC and cockpit including display of the Segway ninebot P100S

The new display introduced with the P-series on both the P65 and the P100S is, apart from its more robust design and suspensions, the most welcoming new feature to the scooter. It is great to use, everything is clear, large, and visible. You can reach all the important buttons without having to let go of the handlebars. You got your on/off-button and the mode button on your right hand, and the turning signal as well as a nice light switch on your left.

On top of all the neat futures the display brings, the cockpit has another new neat function which I love, and that is the NFC lock. With a simple keycard swipe you can lock your scooter down and deter thieves. Although it’s definitely not bulletproof, it does add an extra level of security and simplicity. I for one is at times not the best to remember my robust electric scooter lock, and sometimes I make a gamble by running into the store quickly. With the alarm I can at least hear when someone is stealing it and take care of business myself.

The cockpit also features a front and rear brake lever, signal horn button, push thumb-throttle, and a dial for cruise control. As an extra the scooter also has a USB-C port for charging your devices on the go.

Build Quality

As with all the newer Segway models the P100S is no exception when it comes to the build quality. The main frame is well welded as a solid frame and the battery enclosure is robust and will withstand bumps without damaging any components. Which is good since its large size  reduces the amount of ground clearance you have underneath.

All the rubber components like the grip on the footpad and handlebars are thick and made of quality materials making it hold up to the wear and tear that these components get to go through on a daily basis.

When it comes to the electronics Segway is on the forefront of quality, everything from the battery management system to the battery itself upholds the highest industry standard, and as with most brand name products it does come at a slightly higher cost. But you get the relief that if trouble somehow finds you and your scooter, you have a large corporation with expertise and after-sales service in top class behind you.

Safety Aspects

When it comes to electric scooter safety you can never be 100% safe, but Segway’s scooters are popular for a reason and that is because they offer a well-tested, robustly built product. And they have the after-sales service in place to handle any issues that may arise, because no matter the size of the corporation behind a product, things will always go wrong and you have to fix them.

Here are a few key safety aspects that I like with the P100S:

  • NFC Lock/Alarm – It deters theft and adds a new level of peace of mind.
  • Good Lighting System – Equipped with both tail and headlights, as well as a turn signal helps increase your visibility in traffic.
  • Horn – Good sounding horn that lets you alarm others while riding.
  • Easy to Maintain – The scooter looks and feels very high-tech, but thanks to its simple yet robust build it’s easy to do some simple maintenance.
  • Great Braking Power – Sturdy high-quality mechanical disc brakes in combination with a strong rear electric brake gives the P100S some of the best braking power in its class.
  • Warranty – Segway have a good reliable track record of after-sales service and good warranty conditions.
  • 3rd Party Parts – When you buy such a popular brand scooter, spare parts are readily available both original and cheaper 3rd party parts.

Segway Ninebot P100S Conclusion

With its large size, robust quality build, and high powered battery and motor the P100S truly exudes as a daily commuter for both small and large folks alike. If you are looking to take your daily commute, and overall scooter riding more seriously then the Segway Ninebot P100S delivers on all aspects and will give you a really good 32 miles per charge at almost double the speed of a regular commuter scooter at 30 mph.

You’ll have everything you need for safe travels at your fingertips with one of the best mechanical braking systems in the industry, safety lights for both day and night riding, and those extra neat features that make the overall riding experience as smooth and secure as possible.

The P100S does come in at a higher price point, but that’s the case for most Segway scooters. But you really do get what you’re paying for and the scooter will not only withstand the test of time, you also have the entire fleet of Segway after-sales service in your back should anything happen along the way.

Segway Ninebot P100S Technical Specifications

Weight72.5 lbs / 32.9 kg
Folded size46.6 × 25 × 25.2 inch
Motor power, nominal650W
Top speed30 mph / 48 kmh
Range62.1 miles / 100 km
Battery capacity1086Wh/48V
Battery recharge time7 hrs
Max load265 lbs / 120 kg
BrakeDisc + Regenerative
Tire10.5 inch Pneumatic
Built-in lightsHead, Tail, Signal, RGB
Water resistanceIPX5

Competing Alternatives to the P100S

A full side view of the Segway performance scooter Ninebot P65
Segway Ninebot P65
24.8 mph*
20.2 miles*
265 lbs
59.3 lbs
Apollo Ghost sideview of the heavy rider electric scooter
Apollo Ghost
33.8 mph*
25.4 miles*
300 lbs
64 lbs
Kaabo Mantis PRO
38.7 mph*
26.7 miles*
265 lbs
65 lbs

*This data is not the advertisers specifics. It is our results from testing the scooter in a real life setting using the highest power mode.

Check out more great alternatives and find an electric scooter tailored to your needs in the largest electric scooter comparison in the world.

FAQ – Segway Ninebot P100S

When was the Segway Ninebot P100S release date?

The Segway Ninebot P100S as well as the P65 was crowdfunded at Kickstarter in July 2022, with deliveries starting to roll out as early as October 2022.

Does the Segway Ninebot P100S have suspension?

Yes, the P100S comes with a dual front and rear suspension system that does a great job at reducing both large bumps as well as cracks in the pavement.

How do you unlock the Segway Ninebot P100S?

In order to unlock your P100S you need the NFC card that comes with the scooter. If you lose it you have to contact Segway to get a new one.

How to factory reset a Segway Ninebot P100S?

To reset your Segway Ninebot electric scooter you can either do it within the Segway Ninebot mobile app, or manually by: Turn on the scooter, hold the throttle and brake lever fully pressed, turn off the scooter. Release everything and start your electric scooter, it should now be fully restored to factory settings.

How do I unlock the speed restrictions on my Segway Ninebot P100S?

If your Segway Ninebot P100S comes with a restricted speed, as models in Europe usually do, you can(with risk of voiding warranty and your local laws) unlock it by using the DownG mobile application on Google Play Store. By changing the last letter in the serial number(P65”I”, P65”E”) to a K, or an N you unlock the scooter’s full potential.

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