Best Electric Scooter For Kids – Young Riders Take 2024

So you’re looking to give a lucky kid the thrill and excitement that is an electric scooter? Then you’re at the right place. Not only have we hands-on tested a ton of electric scooter models together with our own kids throughout the years. We’ve also taken notes on what makes an electric scooter good for kids, how they best learn to ride, and what you as a parent should think about when it comes to safety.

Through personal experience this guide aims to help fellow parents and other adults to find the best possible models for their kid. 

Our recommendations are tested and approved by us parents at, so that you and your kid can have flawless riding experiences, with minimal accidents and problems along the way!

Quick Run-down: Best Electric Scooters For Kids

Segway Max G2 Age 15+

Best performance, slightly higher priced

Gotrax GXL V2 Age 14+

Best performance per dollar ratio, budget friendly

Segway E2 Age 13+

Lightweight and simple, reliable brand and warranty

Segway C2 PRO AGe 10-14

Best performance and quality for its age range

Razor Power Core E90 Age 9-12

Great budget-friendly option for this age range

Gotrax Nebula Age 6-9

Top performer in its age category

Gotrax GKS age 6-9

Probably the easiest kid ride for new riders

Gotrax Scout PRO age 5-7

Amazing starter scooter for the real youngsters

Kimi 3-wheel age 3-5

Fantastic for toddlers who might not be able to keep up on walks

Consider This When Buying An Electric Scooter For Children

Age – Consider not only your kids age, but also their maturity level before choosing an electric scooter that fits.

Size – Sometimes you need to carry the electric scooter, make sure your kid is able to handle its full weight and size without limitations.

Weight limitations – When it comes to weight limits you want to make sure there is some play to the upper weight limit. Kids grow fast so make sure the scooter can grow with them.

Speed – For a younger rider having the right limitations for speed is the best safety there is. Make sure you can either adjust the top speed manually, or get a model that has a moderate speed according to your kids experience.

Safety – When it comes to kids safety and electric scooters you want to make sure the build quality is good, they can handle the chosen brake mechanic and speed control.

Gear – Get the right safety gear. At a minimum you want a good helmet, but as they learn the ropes also consider additional gear like elbow pads and knee pads.

Benefits Of Scooting For A Young Rider

  • Exhilarating fun – No matter how young you are, the pleasure of riding an electric scooter is undeniable.
  • Parental control –  We make sure you’re in control with various limitations and kid-friendly features for safe riding.
  • Responsibility – The kids get to learn how to respect other pedestrians and traffic rules in a controlled environment under supervision.
  • Ease of use – Riding an electric scooter is super simple no matter the age there is a model that fits perfectly for your kid!

Reviews: Best Electric Scooters Models For Young Riders

Age 15 & Up

Model:Segway Max G2
Tested Speed21.1 mph / 33.9 kmh
Tested Range27.8 miles / 44.7 km
Weight42.1 lbs / 19.1 kg
Load220 lbs / 100 kg
Motor Power450W
  • Suspension system
  • Great distance per charge
  • Fast but adjustable
  • Fantastic quality
  • Turn signals
  • On the heavy side
  • Pricier

The Max G2 is Segway’s latest electric scooter in the Max series that is based on the crazy success story that is its predecessor the Max G30.

It comes in at twice the higher price tag than our two competitors in the category age 15+, so do keep that in mind while comparing their specifics. But that does not mean it’s over-priced, no its just the top of the cream when it comes to commuting scooters.

With a 450W rear-mounted motor the scooter is by far the most powerful on our list, capable of handling any larger hills in the area with ease. During our test ride using an adult we were able to achieve an incredible 21.1 mph which is faster than even the advertised speed. But don’t worry, for the sake of parental peace of mind you can choose between 4 different speed modes or adjust it as you please within the Segway app.

The scooter is powered by a huge 551Wh 36V battery that gives the G2 some crazy range in comparison to the other contestants. We got a whopping 27.8 miles of range before it finally said goodbye during our test ride. This isn’t just amazing from a riders perspective having potential to go further. No, it also gives the battery a much better lifespan. You can choose to charge your battery to 80-85% instead of full, and on top of that you will charge it less often, two things that are proven to greatly enhance a lithium battery’s longevity.

The scooter’s frame is sturdy and lightweight, sitting on puncture safe 10” pneumatic tires that come with a pre-filled self-sealing coat inside. The scooter is easily folded, but do mind that even though the scooter framing and materials are light, this is a robust machine with a huge battery which shows on the 42.1 lbs seen on the scale.

If you’re looking for a gift that keeps on giving, that gives you some extra parental peace of mind, while delivering a top-of-the-line riding experience to your kid. Then the Segway Max G2 is definitely a safe bet.

You can read our entire Segway Max G2 review here.

Model:Gotrax GXL V2
Tested Speed*14.9 mph / 23.9 kmh
Tested Range*7.8 miles / 12.5 km
Weight27 lbs / 12.2 kg
Load220 lbs / 100 kg
Motor Power250W
  • Affordable
  • Long track record
  • Robust quality
  • Simple
  • Front heavy

Gotrax’s most popular model through the years is the GXL v2 that continues to deliver a great balance between weight, performance and price. At 14-16 years of age it’s definitely time to start looking at a real full-sized scooter and the standard GXL v2 is a great step-over model. 

The scooter is available in three different models with increased range, performance and features the higher up you go in the series. But for the sake of this article and kids I will recommend the standard model. It comes with a 250W front mounted motor with a 187Wh 36V battery that gives your kid a realistic range around 10 miles and a good speed of 15.5 mph.

In terms of stopping power it does so using the regenerative braking from its motor in combination with a rear mounted disc brake. It can be folded down neatly into a 27 lbs package that you can fit into most car trunks. The scooter has 8.5” solid honeycomb tires that provide the ride with some suspension but you ought to stay away from the really bumpy roads for the best experience.

A simple yet really good electric scooter if you’re looking for a good starter scooter for your teenager. It won’t break your budget but still provides a reliable and good ride.

Model:Segway E2
Tested Speed*12.5 mph / 20.1 kmh
Tested Range*10.5 miles / 16.9 km
Weight31.3 lbs / 14.2 kg
Load198 lbs / 90 kg
Motor Power250W
  • Good range for price
  • Slick modern design
  • Lightweight
  • Great quality
  • Feature-rich
  • Steep hills can be an issue for heavier riders

The E2 is slightly higher priced than the Gotrax GXL, but it has many more features and design wise it’s definitely more eye-catching. It is powered by a similar 250W motor but on slightly smaller hollow tires of 8.1”. It comes equipped with a 36V 220Wh battery that was able to give our adult riders a test result of 12.5 mph top speed and 10.5 miles of real-world riding range.

It is a feature-rich electric scooter that has everything a teenage rider could wish for, a mobile app where you can adjust pretty much everything, a huge 2.8” display that is very convenient to use, and it has a great folding mechanic.

The scooter has a maximum weight limit of 198 lbs and its weight is 31.3 lbs. The scooter has a very secure folding mechanism, headlight, brake light, and reflexes all around for great visibility. Its main braking power comes from Segways renowned rear drum brakes in combination with an electrical brake which together give you a short braking distance no matter speed.

It is overall one of the best starter electric scooters for kids who are old enough to ride responsibly and it has landed itself a good top spot in our large campus electric scooter test. The scooter still has a more modest top speed, but it is a perfect balance for novice and young riders alike. If you want to have even more speed and range it does come in both a plus and pro version. You can read more about them in our side-by-side comparison of the E2 electric scooter series.

Age 10-13

Model:Segway C2 PRO
Tested Speed*9.9 mph / 16 kmh
Tested Range*5.5 miles / 8.9 km
Weight22.9 lbs / 10.4 kg
Load110 lbs / 50 kg
Motor Power130W
Battery108Wh / 21.6V
  • Great design
  • Fantastic performance
  • Built with teens in mind
  • Different speed modes
  • Build quality
  • Speakers & ambient light
  • Pricier

The new C2 Pro from Segway delivers an impeccable ride for kids who’s around 8-13 years old. It leaves a lot of room for growth and delivers an incredible riding experience.

Design-wise it’s nothing short of awesome and you can really feel that good old Segway quality seething through it as you ride. 

It has a height adjustable handlebar that lets you adapt the scooter as your kid grows, 3 different riding modes to make sure you set a speed that is fitting for your kid’s riding capabilities, a bluetooth speaker, ambient lights underneath, and even voice assistance for reminders and safety warnings.

The scooter has a maximum weight limit of 134 lbs and is powered by a front mounted 150W motor. It has 7” hollow flat-proof tires so that you don’t have to worry about changing tubes every other week. Thanks to its 108Wh battery the scooter is able to reach a really impressive range of up to 9.3 miles per charge. In comparison to the other models in this category it still recharges in only about 3.5hrs.

With the Segway app you can really customize the scooter to fit your child perfectly by adjusting its acceleration and speed to perfectly align with their experience level. The C2 Pro also comes with robust braking thanks to a rear mounted drum brake that gives your kid all the braking power they may need at the tip of their fingers. On top of that it has a large easy to understand display and the motor is controlled using a thumb throttle.

The Segway C2 Pro will cost you a little more than the other models, but it delivers a completely different riding experience that is definitely comparable to an adult scooter model just in a smaller package.

Model:Razor Power Core E90
Tested Speed*9.8 mph / 15.8 kmh
Tested Range*6.8 miles / 11 km
Weight21.6 lbs / 9.8 kg
Load120 lbs / 55 kg
Motor Power90W
Battery84Wh / 12V
  • Inexpensive
  • Robust
  • Good performance
  • Positive
  • Bumpy on non-city streets
  • Slow recharge

The Razor E90 is definitely Razor’s best electric scooter for kids around 10-12 years of age. A lot of their models are a tad out-dated in terms of weight and performance. But the Power Core E90 definitely delivers a quality ride for the money you spend. It is one of their later models and it caters perfectly to those buying on a more stringent budget coming in at around 1/4th the price of the Segway C2 Pro.

The Razor scooters are famous for being a bit heavier much thanks to a more robust steel frame and their bigger 12v Lead acid batteries. But the E90 weighs in at just above 21 lbs which is perfect for a kid this age. It’s powered by a rear mounted 90W hub motor that can propel it up to 10 mph, and you can expect to get a realistic range of around 10 miles per charge. A very good performance for the price you pay.

The scooter is easily operated using a push button throttle, press it and the scooter starts accelerating. When they want to stop, they have a nice regular hand brake that provides a great smooth braking pattern.

The only downside to the E90 is that with a lead acid battery you gotta make sure you leave it charging for a good 24hrs before the initial ride. After that you can expect a good 6 hrs to fully recharge it which is quite long, but it also lasts for quite some time on each charge to make up for it.

A great quality first scooter that comes at a very low price. Perfect if you’re giving it to someone or you just aren’t sure your kids are going to like riding an electric scooter.

Age 6-9

Model:Gotrax Nebula
Tested Speed*9.2 mph / 14.8 kmh
Tested Range*6.2 miles / 10 km
Weight19 lbs / 8.6 kg
Load132 lbs / 55 kg
Motor Power150W
Battery112Wh / 21.6V
  • Ambient light
  • Adjustable handle
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Great range
  • No mechanical brake

The Nebula from Gotrax delivers a great ride for kids around the age 6 through 9. With a good 150W rear mounted motor and upgraded 7” solid tires that create very little resistance they can zoom through the neighborhood at up to 9.4 mph. There are two different speed modes so you can adjust the speed according to your kids’ experience level, the lower gear slows it down to 5 mph top speed, while the higher gear opens up the full 9.4 mph.

Just as the C2 Pro from Segway, the Nebula has a built-in bluetooth speaker system to blast music from and luminous lightning on its deck for increased visibility and fun. In terms of range this light 19 lbs electric scooter can deliver up to 10 miles per charge which is really good.

It comes with a height adjustable handlebar so that you can adjust it as your kids grow, or if you have more than one kid who is going to use it. The scooter has a thumb throttle that controls acceleration and an additional thumb throttle for the electronic braking, while still having that manual foot brake that the kids are used to on regular scooters.

With a press on the lever the scooter folds down into a neat package so that you can take it with you on adventures further from home.

A scooter that delivers excellent performance to its target audience while keeping it light and simple to use. It does come in a few dollars higher than the rest in this category, but is well worth its price just for the extended range alone. No more sad faces when you have to charge it every 30 minutes!

Model:Gotrax GKS
Tested Speed*7.2 mph / 11.5 kmh
Tested Range*3.1 miles / 5 km
Weight17.8 lbs / 8 kg
Load121 lbs / 55 kg
Motor Power150W
  • Easiest scooter to use
  • Perfect first scooter
  • Inexpensive
  • Low distance per charge

A long time favorite among the younger riders, mainly thanks to it being the industry-first model to implement an entirely special speed control system where the kid stands on the front button with their front foot, pushes off and then places their rear foot on the rear button and the scooter starts accelerating. Super simple solution, yet proven to be a very easy and safe speed-control feature for young riders.

The scooter is powered by a quite large 150W 6” rear mounted motor that has enough power to tackle hills with ease and has the ability to reach speeds of up to 7.5 mph. Powered by a 50.4Wh lithium battery the scooter can reach about 4 miles per charge and takes a good 5 hrs to get fully charged up again.

When it comes to braking, the GKS is no different than a lot of the electric scooters catering to the younger audience. It has an effective manual friction brake that puts the scooter to a hasty stop.

The scooter has a maximum rider weight of 154 lbs, but we recommend it for growing purposes to kids below 120 lbs to enjoy it for a maximum length of time before having to reinvest in a new model.

A very child-friendly scooter that caters to beginners with no previous knowledge of electric scooter riding.

Model:Gotrax Scout PRO
Tested Speed*5.6 mph / 9 kmh
Tested Range*2.2 miles / 3.5 km
Weight9.1 lbs / 4.1 kg
Load110 lbs / 50 kg
Motor Power80W
  • Ambient light
  • Price worthy
  • Strong for age range
  • Small wheels
  • Low range

The Gotrax Scout Pro is a great choice for the mature 5-7 year olds who are ready for the responsibility of handling an electric scooter that works just any adult model. It doesn’t have any specific beginner features like the Gotrax GKS, but is of course sized and built for a kids audience. Quite telling by the luminous lights on the foot pad that enhances not only their visibility during the dark hours of the day, they’re a loved fun feature for the kids too!

It has an 80W rear hub motor that is controlled using a thumb throttle and can reach a top speed of about 6 mph. Combined with its 28Wh, 10.8V battery it can provide a decent mileage of up to 3 miles per charge.

The braking system is a simple resistance rear brake in combination with a regenerative brake as the kids let go of the throttle. You can expect a pretty hefty 4.5hr recharge time which is a bit of a downer with the limited range. 

The distance per charge of the Scout is nothing incredible, but for its price and quality you get a really good electric scooter for your kids to start learning the ropes.

Age 3-5(toddlers)

Model:Kimi 3-wheel
Tested Speed*4.4 mph / 7.1 kmh
Tested Range*3.6 miles / 5.8 km
Weight10.3 lbs / 4.7 kg
Load120 lbs / 55 kg
Motor Power60W
  • Best toddler option
  • Lighting design
  • Robust
  • Pricey

For the really young riders this 3-wheeled electric scooter from Kimi does a wonderful job of introducing them to the thrill that is electric scooter riding. It has a perfect speed for a kid 3-5 years of age to ride around beside you as you go for a stroll. Excellent choice if you want your walks to be a bit quicker and avoid all the “please carry me!” outbursts.

With its 60W rear mounted hub motor they’ll be able to achieve up to 4.9 mph depending on the kids weight, and with a 55Wh lithium battery you can expect a range of just below 5 miles per charge. The scooter is capable of handling loads of up to 110 lbs, but we recommend a rider weight of less than 100 lbs for best performance. 

The kids step on a button, push off and the scooters start pushing them forward. No complicated controls, just plain simple fun! 

Expect about a 3 hr downtime in between charges though, so plan accordingly so that they won’t nag your ears off.

The 3-wheeler has a folding mechanism that folds it into a neat package that weighs in at 10.4 lbs. This makes storing or packing it with you on expeditions further away from home easy as it takes up very limited space.

The obvious thing the Kimi electric scooter has going for it is its simplicity. The controls are easy for kids to understand and the rear brake is easy to use. The kids just step on, give it a kick and off they go. Perfect solution for young legs that may get tired on longer walks outside.

Short Parental Guide

Pick a scooter that fits – Choose a model that not only caters to your kids age, but also their maturity and responsibility level.

Supervise their riding – Start out with supervised learning and depending on age you can let them journey alone. Perhaps even hide in the bushes to make sure they actually continue using what you’ve taught them, even when not supervised.

Choose the right safety gear – Helmet is the minimum requirement for a young rider. But do consider additional safety gear, especially when learning. Accidents do happen no matter how good of a rider you are. Check out our gear guide for more advice.

Be a good role model – Don’t just tell your kids, lead by example by showing them how to treat other pedestrians and traffic.

You set the rules – And you make sure they’re followed. Or else the fun perk of riding a scooter to school may be withdrawn without notice.

Final words

FAQ – Electric scooter for kids

At what age can a kid ride an electric scooter?

It all depends on what electric scooter model you have. Kids can start riding an electric 3-wheeled scooter as young as 2-3 years old. But for a standard 2-wheeled model we recommend a minimum age of 4-5.

Are kids allowed to ride electric scooters?

Yes, but it is up to parents to make sure they do so safely and follow any regulations in terms of traffic and safety gear such as a helmet.

Should I as a parent allow my kid to ride an electric scooter?

A resounding YES. There are models that fit any kid’s age, experience and maturity level. Just make sure you get an electric scooter that your child can handle with ease.

Do kids need to wear a helmet while riding an electric scooter?

It really depends on where you live and ride. On private ground you set the rules. If you ask us at ARJ it is a resounding YES. But always make sure you check with your local regulatory body.