How to Calibrate a Hoverboard – A Simple Reset Solves Most Problems

If you are experiencing any type of error or malfunction with your hoverboard, the first thing you want to do before you start tinkering with it is to calibrate it.

The gyro sensors are often the main cause of most hoverboard problems. Luckily, the problems that they cause are often easily fixed by calibrating the hoverboard, also known as resetting it.

In this article, I will teach you how to calibrate your hoverboard and it will take you less than 10 seconds to complete the task.

When and why should you need to calibrate your hoverboard

All hoverboards need to be calibrated from time to time, some more often than others. It depends on how much you use it and how hard you use it. 

Two common reasons are accidents or that you have not used it for a long time.

The main symptoms that indicate you need to calibrate your hoverboard are:

  • The hoverboard is shaking, vibrating, or spinning out of control.
  • It is over-sensitive while leaning forward/backward or when turning left/right.
  • The hoverboard’s sides are not leveled when you mount and stand still on it. Or it is either leaning forward or backward.
  • If the gyro sensors are too out of balance, the hoverboard might not even be rideable.

By calibrating your hoverboard, you can easily remove all these problems. Then you have a fully functional hoverboard that you can use again.

Instructions on how to calibrate your hoverboard

There are two ways to calibrate your hoverboard, using a mobile application, or using the power button on your hoverboard. 

Not all hoverboards are app-enabled. We will therefore start with the universal way using the on/off button. 

That has worked on every single hoverboard model I have calibrated so far, and as a repair technician, that’s in the thousands.

How to calibrate using power-button

  1. Make sure your hoverboard is fully charged and not connected to a device via Bluetooth.
  2. Put your hoverboard on a flat surface and make sure that it is leveled.
  3. While your hoverboard is off, press and hold the on/off button. The hoverboard’s front LED will flash at short intervals. Keep holding the button pressed.
  4. When the LEDs start to flash with longer intervals, release the button, and restart the hoverboard.
  5. All done, Happy riding!

How to calibrate using the mobile application

Using the mobile app to calibrate your hoverboard is just as simple. All apps have a different design in terms of the interface, but the core function is the same.

Here is how you calibrate your hoverboard using your mobile device:

  1. Make sure that you have the correct app for your model installed on your device. Also, see to it that your hoverboard has a full charge and is connected to your smart device.
  2. See to it that your hoverboard is leveled on a flat surface.
  3. Open the app and find “Calibrate this unit.” Press it.
  4. Wait for it to complete the calibration process and restart your hoverboard.
  5. DONE!

Pictures showing how it’s done

Hoveboard in perfect level.
Second image illustrating the step of holding down the on/off button for 6 seconds

Congratulations, your hoverboard is now calibrated!

That’s how easy it is to calibrate a hoverboard. Just go through those 4-5 steps, and hopefully, that has solved any problems that you were experiencing with your hoverboard. 

Although it doesn’t solve all hoverboard problems, it is the most common and easiest fix.

If you are still experiencing issues with your hoverboard, feel free to leave a comment below. I will see if I can create a guide on how you can fix it yourself.

I have never gotten a hoverboard in for repair that I could not fix. However, sometimes as a consumer, it might not be worth the time or cost investment and you’d be better off buying a new one. Especially now when you can find an affordable hoverboard for around $100.

Now that you got your hoverboard working again, make sure you have all the safety precautions in place so that you can ride safely without any more interruptions.

FAQ – Hoverboard calibration

What is the main reason why I need to calibrate my hoverboard?

The main reason why a hoverboard needs to be recalibrated is that the gyroscopic sensors have become out of balance resulting in the hoverboard not being perfectly leveled while standing still.

How often should I calibrate my hoverboard, and how do I know when it needs calibration?

There is no set standard for how often calibration needs to be done. In some cases, you can ride for years without having to do it and sometimes you have to do it every other month. Any time you feel like your hoverboard is not acting normally when you step up on it is when you need to calibrate it.

Can I use a mobile app to calibrate my hoverboard?

Yes, you can use a mobile device to calibrate your hoverboard if it has Bluetooth connectivity and the model you own have a suitable mobile application. Some models only have Bluetooth functions to allow for the playing of music.

Are there any safety precautions that I should take while calibrating a hoverboard?

Yes, you need to make sure you place the hoverboard on a leveled surface and that the sides are in alignment with each other. Also, it is recommended that the hoverboard is fully charged before proceeding with the calibration process.

 What if my hoverboard still doesn’t work properly even after calibration?

The most common issues on a hoverboard are often solved by calibrating it. If this does not solve your problem, you likely have a hardware malfunction. This requires opening up the hoverboard to troubleshoot further. Many models have a light on their motherboard which can provide an error code through a sequence of flashes that indicates what the issue may be.

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